UV / EB Cleaning Systems

The UV Cleaning System is designed with environment and personnel required no solvent, which has been adopted in diversified production processes such as electric, automobile, and semiconductor. Utilization of ultraviolet radiation through a lower-pressure mercury lamp is conductive to ecology. Elimination of organic substances and improvement in adherability and adhesion are actualized without thermal and humid damage to an object being irradiated

Ultraviolet Cleaning System

Utilizing active oxygen separated from ozone that is generated by ultraviolet radiation, this system decomposes and removes organic pollutants by turning them into volatile substances (such as H₂O, CO, CO₂ and NO₂)

Ultraviolet Modifying System

By irradiating ultraviolet radiation to organic matter, the surface layer’s chemical bond is broken. The active oxygen, separated from ozone which is generated by ultraviolet radiation, bonds to molecules of the broken surface layer, turning them into a highly hydrophilic functional group (such as -OH, -CHO and -COOH)

UV lamp

EYE sterilization lamps (ultraviolet lamps), emitting sterilization radiation efficiently with a long lifespan, are widely used in various fields, including food-related fields.

Inline UV cleaning system

Designed according to the production line and operation type, and successive UV cleaning is enabled

Dielectric film light modifying system

Modifies the dieletric film of the electrodes patterned inside the liquid crystal glasses

Light cleaning treatment system

Irradiates ultraviolet radiation for cleaning in wettability prior to applying films such as PI film. Used for residue elimination after resist separation

EB irradiation system

Utilizing electron beam irradiation, the system contributes to new materials development and research projects in pursuit of high added values


High concentration ozonizer with ceramic electrodes. Used for semiconductor oxide film generation and liquid crystal glass cleaning