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Curing / Cross-linking / Polymerization Systems

Iwasaki Electric EB / UV applied technology enables limitless possibilities of materials.

EB Radiation System, a Facility for Commissioned Radiation

One of the largest EB system in Japan, this toll line is used for R&D and productions by many users

EB Irradiation System for Flexographic Press

This environment-friendly system eliminates solvents from printing process. Solvent-free inks are printed in wet-on-wet condition and then dried by EB irradiation

The UV Irradiation Equipment in a Printing Machine (e-cure)

The UV Irradiation Equipment in a Printing Machine (e-cure) An environment-friendly and highly efficient UV irradiation equipment for printing stickers

Water-cooling UV-LED Irradiation Device (e-cure F)

A water-proof UV-LED irradiation device with superior illuminance. It is capable of instant lighting on and lighting out while greatly reducing thermal damage to the target. It has longer life than ordinary UV lamps and does not produce ozone

Built-in Water / Air-cooled UV Radiation System for Sheet-fed Printing Press

Compact yet high-output, this UV radiator features a dual water / air cooling system with lower airflow to keep temperatures stable

UV Curing system

The UV curing system is capable of working on a wide range of subjects, from flat surfaces to solid, three-dimensional objects

One Drop Fill Method UV Curing Equipment For Seal Material

Designed for manufacturing of large LCD panels through use of UV curing sealing materials, and actualized cutback in manpower, time required, and facility cost

Electron Beam (EB) Irradiation Test Unit (Compact type)

Utilized to test curing of ink and resin, cross-linking of films, sterilization, and other purposes

Light orientation device

This device was developed for the manufacture of next-generation LCD panels. It irradiates polarized light onto oriented film to permit the establishment of aligning performance

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