UV / EB Curing System

More ecologically friendly with further curing properties.
This UV and Electron Beam application technology expands the possibilities of materials to infinity.

Facility for Commissioned EB Irradiation

Sheet-fed printing equipment

Sheet-fed printing machine built-in type Water air-cooled irradiation device

High-power UV irradiation system with dual cooling system (water-cooled and air-cooled) that reduces airflow, suppresses temperature rise, and achieves compact size

For sticker labels

UV Curing Equipment for stickers and labels

UV curing system for seals and labels that delivers both high efficiency and energy conservation

For thin films and optical films

UV Curing Equipment for thin films and optical films

UV curing system developed for wide and thin optical films. It supports a length of 2600mm and achieves high quality with a uniformity of 90% or more


Water-cooled UV-LED irradiation device

Capable of instantly turning on and off with overwhelmingly strong illumination. It also emits less infrared rays, greatly reducing heat damage. It has a longer life than UV lamps and does not generate ozone

EB (Electron Beam)

Small Electron Beam Irradiator
EYE Compact EB

The high energy of the Electron Beam Irradiator enables instant curing of inks and resins that do not contain photopolymerization initiators. This makes it a promising hardening tool for product packaging and other applications where safety and security are required. It also shows excellent curing properties for dark-colored inks and resins, and does not use heat sources. This contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emissions and many other features

EB Irradiation System for Flexographic Press

This environment-friendly system eliminates solvents from printing process. Solvent-free inks are printed in wet-on-wet condition and then dried by EB irradiation

The UV Irradiation Equipment in a Printing Machine (e-cure)

The UV Irradiation Equipment in a Printing Machine (e-cure) An environment-friendly and highly efficient UV irradiation equipment for printing stickers

UV Curing system

The UV curing system is capable of working on a wide range of subjects, from flat surfaces to solid, three-dimensional objects

One Drop Fill Method UV Curing Equipment For Seal Material

Designed for manufacturing of large LCD panels through use of UV curing sealing materials, and actualized cutback in manpower, time required, and facility cost

Light orientation device

This device was developed for the manufacture of next-generation LCD panels. It irradiates polarized light onto oriented film to permit the establishment of aligning performance