UV / EB Sterilization Systems

Sterilization and disinfection systems using UV lamps that can be applied to all fields. Cultivated through years of experience, Iwasaki Electric’s sterilization technology ensures thorough hygiene control to prevent any mishaps.

Surface Sterilization System for Carts

Surface Sterilization System

Surface Sterilization System for BHS Irradiation experiment scene
from the website of the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan
Sterilization System for food containers / films

We offer an ultraviolet sterilization system that quickly neutralizes surface-attached bacteria on everything from everyday items that are touched by a variety of people to food packaging materials

Superior effect on food loss problem

By eliminating surface bacteria before packaging, we can improve the storage performance and reduce the number of discarded items

Water Treatment Systems

Sterilization of water used in large facilities

UV sterilization systems are effective for water, which is vital to our daily lives.
It is used not only in drinking water, but also in a wide range of other fields such as raw water used in factories, cleaning water, and waste water

UV Sterilization Systems

Egg sterilization for foods and ingredients of pharmaceutical products
Pre-Filling Container and Film Surface Sterilization

Pulsed Xenon Sterilization equipment

High-speed sterilization by high illuminance of Xenon lamps
Bottle sterilization after use for chemical solution
By selecting the appropriate light source, we can offer the high level of sterilization and disinfection required in the medical field

EB Irradiation Device for PET Bottle Sterilization / Filling System

This device makes it possible to sterilize PET bottles, which was formerly difficult due to complex PET bottle contours