Special purpose light sources

Controlling visible and invisible light. The potential of light will further expand in all industrial fields.

High-pressure mercury lamp (curing and sterilization) / Metal halide lamps (curing and drying)
Xenon lamps (sterilization, curing, and modification)
Low pressure mercury lamps (sterilization, cleaning / modification, ozone generation)
Halogen lamp (high color rendering and spot heating)

Light sources for semiconductor production

Ultra-high-pressure UV lamp for exposure systems

Ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp for exposure, essential in semiconductor production to print circuits on silicon wafers

Halogen lamps for film formation systems

Halogen lamps for heating wafers to grow thin films. Not limited to the lamp in the photo, we have a wide variety of products to choose from

Light sources for semiconductor production

UV oxidation treatment systems

This is a treatment system for decomposing and removing organic substances from pure water, vital for the production of semiconductors, and factory wastewater

Cleaning / modification

Batch type UV cleaning and modification equipment

Compact and lightweight size. Easy to use for UV cleaning and modification for production and experiments

Halogen heating

Halogen lamp heating system

We offer heating systems that make the most of the excellent characteristics of halogens for heating

Halogen lamps for heating

A clean heat source used in many industries for its high efficiency and quick response

High Speed Capture Lighting System

Answering to digitalization, high speed and color of photographic equipment, create best light circumstances for high speed capture

High-output LED floodlights

LED floodlight for high-speed photography delivering more instantaneous activation, energy conservation, and curtailment of heat generation as compared to the conventional metal halide lamp

“EYE LED Bell Line”

An LED lamp with high color rendering property and compatibility with other 40 W fluorescent lights. It is suitable for visual inspection including hue and paint color

High-output halogen heater units

Used in a variety of heat-processing procedures, these high-output halogen heaters raise productivity while their compact size makes them the perfect solution for space-constrained areas

Various lamps for use in semiconductor manufacturing

Ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp for the exposure (stepper) process and halogen lamp for wafer-heating to induce thin-film growth, both indispensable for manufacture of semiconductors

Infrared LED Board

An infrared LED board that efficiently irradiates light to a target object. It can be used as a light source for infrared cameras

UV-LED Surface Lighting Equipment Area illumination type

This lighting equipment is capable of surface irradiation of ultraviolet rays onto any given area. It is also suitable for long-distance irradiation thanks to its excellent light irradiation directivity made possible via an optically controlled reflector