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Environmental Simulation Systems

Iwasaki Electric light technology has created a new sun light, enabling testing for various conditions regardless of the weather, season or time.

Solar Simulation System

Designing by using 4 kinds of light distribution (metal halide lamp: natural sunlight, halogen lamp, infrared lamp and mixing lights: metal halide + halogen) makes the best lighting pattern possible

Environmental chamber

Large photo-irradiation chamber accommodating a passenger car. In use for a variety of applications, including thermal resistance testing and VOC measurement. Also accommodates component size

Super Accelerated Weathering Tester (Metal Halide Lamp)

Reproduction of a one-year outdoor exposure test in about 48 hours. An ultra-acceleration type of test unit supporting Japan's leading-edge technology

Super Accelerated Weathering Tester (Xenon type)

An accelerated weathering Xenon fluorescent lamp that has high correlation with weathering tests suitable for a variety of specification testing

UV irradiation system for large sample (10-30SUN)

UV irradiation system to test a large sample with its spacious sample room, allowing a test without alternating the sample

Multiple Environment Test Chamber

With a large interior space for testing, the chamber makes it possible to examine a whole product including a finished product and three-dimensional part in a combined environment. A light source is also selectable as desired

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