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Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport TOKYO-BAYFunabashi City, Chiba Prefecture

AIRLIA COMPACT lights contribute to a clean and sanitary environment with powerful ultraviolet rays

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  • An AIRLIA COMPACT unit in operation in an employee rest area. Able to handle 8000 hours of continuous use, the long-life UV lamp is also excellent in terms of running costs.


Installation date

October, 2020

LaLaport TOKYO-BAY is one of Japan's largest giant commercial facilities, with approximately 440 stores in a variety of zones, including those for fashion, movie theaters, amusement, and food.

Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd. operates a variety of commercial facilities, including the LaLaport shopping centers that are popular all over Japan, and, given how it is essential to strengthen hygiene measures in response to the recent state of affairs in the world, has been proactively taking measures to prevent infectious diseases among its employees. As part of this effort, 16 AIRLIA COMPACT air circulation ultraviolet purifier units have been deployed at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY (part of a total of 315 units in 41 facilities nationwide) to prevent infections in employee rest areas, disaster prevention centers, operation centers, and other office spaces. The AIRLIA COMPACT is an ultraviolet light purifier device with a box shape and built-in ultraviolet lamp inside. A fan inside the device circulates air while the powerful ultraviolet lamp removes any bacteria and viruses floating in the room. The structure of the device stops ultraviolet rays leaving the device, so it does not have any dangerous effects on people, and sterilization takes place after forcibly drawing air into the device with a fan, which eliminates the need for chemicals and ensures the safety of employees, a point for which it has won praise, along with its ability to achieve a powerful sterilization effect in a single pass.

The powerful ultraviolet light contributes to the creation of a clean and sanitary environment.



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