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Alivio SakuraMiyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Air sterilization lamp thoroughly displays its countermeasure effect against infections diseases

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  • The conversation room installed with air circulation sterilization unit AIRLIA, which pumps out clean sterilized air by taking air in using fans and irradiating it with ultraviolet rays.


Alivio Sakura, which opend in April 2007 on a verdant location, is a private nursing home. It provides tender care, warm and pleasant services in excellent facilities that certification of long-term care needs.

The facility is particularly thorough with hygiene control and has installed AIRLIA, a free-standing air circulation sterilization lamp as part of its efforts. It was introduced mainly as a countermeasure against influenza; and in the winter period the countermeasures are supplemented by humidifiers and sterilized masks always worn by the staff members.

By providing these coutermeasures against infectious diseases, Tokueikai Social Welfare Corporation hopes to have the best system for managing the health of its residents.


  • Freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization Lamp AIRLIA - 5

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