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Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Fukujuji HospitalKiyose City, Tokyo

Installation of Ultraviolet Air Sterilization Unit as part of preventive measures against hospital-acquired tuberculosis

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  • Freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization Lamp AIRLIA installed in the waiting room.

  • Only the room air is drawn into the circulation-type air sterilization lamps, which have been installed as a supplement in the Endoscope examination rooms. The air is sterilized by ultraviolet lamps before being let out.

  • Exterior of the hospital during the day.


Installation date

July, 2008

Fukujuji Hospital is a general hospital with a tuberculosis ward that is taking various measures against hospital-acquired infections including frequently renovating its facilities.

As part of the endeavors, the hospital has installed a total of 33 ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the Endoscopy (bronchoscope) rooms, CT rooms and X-ray rooms. In the Endoscopy rooms, endscopic (bronchoscope) examinations are carried out to detect and ascertain the disease of patients suspected of tuberculosis or lung cancer. Since lung tissues are extracted, there is a risk of producing a highly infectious environment as bacteria disperse into the air. In order to take all possible measures, the hospital has adopted ultraviolet sterilization lamps with safe and powerful germicidal power as well as air purifiers that use traditional HEPA (high performance) filters. With a view to sterilize airborne tuberculosis bacteria in the rooms after bronchoscopic examinations, trough-shaped ultraviolet sterilization lamps are lit for an hour by a timer switch in unmanned rooms, while the air inside is curculated by fans. In the Endoscope examination rooms, supplementary circulation-type air sterilization lamps have also been installed, which are used 24 hours a day to reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria at all times.

In addition, the hospital has installed freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization Lamp AIRLIA in areas frequently accessed by various people such as the waiting rooms and inpatients' wards to thoroughly take sanitary precautions within the hospital.


  • Trough-shaped UV sterilization Lamp - 33

  • Circulation-type Air sterilization Lamp - 2

  • Freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization Lamp AIRLIA - 5