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RakurakuenAmagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

The power of ultraviolet rays to a thorough sanitary management of the welfare establishment

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  • AIRLIA set up next to the matron's station on the 2nd floor of the special nursing home is a recirculatory air sterilizer that pushes out clean sterilized air by taking in-door air with its fans and irradiating it with ultraviolet ray.


Installation date

December, 2005

Rakurakuen is a community based welfare establishment that provides nursing services such as a special nursing home, short stay care, care home, day service, home help service, residential nursing support, at-home nursing support, and welfare equipment rental service.

So that people who require nursing can live their daily lives with a peace of mind, we have paid particular attention to creating a clean environment by improving the facilities and services that emphasize self-support, and have installed eight units of recirculatory air sterilization lamps AIRLIA in December 2005, as the sterilization lamp that could provide a high level of air sterilizartion. It was introduced mainly to prevent colds and flues, and we are also eradicating bacteria by using humidifiers besides AIRLIA. Since the elderly tend to catch colds and be infected easily due to their weak physical condition, particular attention must be given to them during the winter season, but the number of residents who have caught cold has decreased and there has been no case of a wide spread infection since AIRLIA was installed last winter. Because the unit is floor-standing and can be installed or moved easily, it has been set up in the dining room and the matron station.

We hope to use the unit throughout the year to lay out a through framework for the healthcare of the residents.


  • Freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization Lamp AIRLIA - 8

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