Sterilization / Purification Systems Air Sterilization

Hamayuu No SatoNichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Air sterilization lamp contributes to a thorough sanitary management of the welfare establishment

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  • 15W AIRLIA is installed in the conversation room.


Hamayuu No Sato is a special nursing home located on a hill surrounded by nature where residents and users receive daily life support and reassurance from specialist staff members. The nursing home provides a full range of nursing-care services such as short stay, day-care services and visiting care services, as well as a community-based welfare center for home nursing care support.

Just as in Alivio Sakura, Hamayuu No Sato has also installed the freestanding air circulation sterilization lamp AIRLIA as a countermeasure against infectious diseases and influenza.

Since the unit is a floor-type model, it can be easily installed or moved. The home is utilizing this model to thoroughly implement hygiene control by installing units in common areas such as the conversation room and the dining room.


  • Freestanding Air Circulation Sterilization Lamp AIRLIA - 9

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