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Komono TownKomono Town, Mie Prefecture

AIRLIA COMPACT - removing bacteria and viruses through the powerful disinfectant properties of ultraviolet rays

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  • Easy to install, easy to move - the free-standing AIRLIA COMPACT can be placed anywhere, as seen here in the music room at Komono Junior High School.


Installation date

March, 2021

Situated in the north-west of Mie Prefecture and neighboring Yokkaichi City, with the National Parks accredited Suzuka Mountains to its west, and open plains spreading out to its east, Komono Town is a town blessed with a verdant natural environment despite being in the city suburbs of Nagoya City, only 40 minutes from its center.

Taking into consideration the events of the past year, the town authorities resolved that there was a need to reinforce sanitation measures in the area, and have been proactively implementing various preventative measures against the spread of Coronavirus infections as a result. One strand of this plan has seen a total of 360 units of the Airflow UV Purification System AIRLIA COMPACT installed in a number of Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, childcare facilities and welfare facilities across the town. The box-shaped AIRLIA COMPACT is a UV ray purification system which removes airborne bacteria and viruses from a room or space by circulating air through the fixture with its integrated fan, and exposing it to the powerful rays of the UV lamps inside as it passes through.

Whilst there are other means such as the use of Ozone, Hypochlorite, or ion-based processes being used to counter Coronavirus, the UV ray method was chosen thanks to its effectiveness, low-maintenance, and being very safe for use. Treating the air of the rooms and spaces in which they are installed, they support the creation of clean and safe environments through the removal of standard bacteria and suppression of viruses.



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