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Kurume Sports CenterKurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Energy-efficient LED floodlights now light-up the Center's Auxiliary Field

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  • A panoramic view of the auxiliary field, which has six lanes and a 400m circuit. Each of the four towers is mounted with 15 high-output LED floodlights (LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1000W). The individual floodlights feature a brightness equivalent to that provided by a 1500W metal halide lamp. A wonderful night-game lighting environment is evident which is both bright and highly uniform.


Installation date

March, 2014

Kurume Sports Center is widely known as a citizens' sports and recreation area with a full range of facilities including a track-and-field ground, gymnasium, tennis courts, martial arts stadium, archery ground, and baseball field. Kurume City carried out renovation work this spring on the lighting equipment for the auxiliary field adjoining the track-and-field ground. The lighting towers were repainted and the floodlights were changed over LED types. Floodlights with 1000W metal halide lamps were previously used. These have been upgraded to high-output LED floodlights (LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1000W). The design brightness level of 200Lx for the Auxiliary Field has been achieved using 15 floodlights mounted in each of the four light towers (60 floodlight fixtures in total). At the same time, power savings have been delivered too. There has been a favorable response since the improvement work was carried out, with users commenting on how it has become much brighter. It is believed that the field will enjoy even more use under its comfortable night-game lighting in the seasons to come.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1000W type - 60

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