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SCENARIOHOUSE FIELD MISATO (Misato City Athletics Stadium)Misato City, Saitama Prefecture

Light illuminating an athletics stadium created in response to the needs of citizens

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Installation date

June, 2018

SCENARIOHOUSE FIELD MISATO (Misato City Athletics Stadium) is an athletics stadium including facilities for competition such as an 8-lane 400m track, a 3000m hurdles lane, a long jump pit, and a throwing zone, as well as an artificial-turf infield that can be used for soccer and rugby, etc. Equipped with large full-color LED video display equipment and night lighting equipment, it has been officially recognized as a Category-4 Athletics Stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations. The venue opened in June 2018, with a full range of facilities including a spectator seating capacity of 1500 tiered seats and 2000 lawn seats, a parking lot, a multi-purpose area, a skate park, a 3-on-3 basketball court and a management building. Misato city, in response to increased citizen interest in sport and recreation and the desire to establish a high-standard athletics facility able to host large-scale competitions, used a river retention basin located around 5 minutes by car from the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway Misato IC and established a municipal park that included an athletics stadium. As it is a facility that uses a retention basin, in order to reduce the effect of any flooding, the athletics stadium area has a raised ground level while the surrounding park area has a lowered ground level, so that there is no change to the reservoir amount.

For the lighting equipment, six lighting towers with 12 units of 1000W EYE MULTI METAL LAMPS were installed, creating a night-game lighting environment with an average brightness of 100ℓx or more, which corresponds to practice use. The night-game lighting has two pattern settings: all-on and half-on, which makes it possible to select a lighting pattern according to the purpose of use, contributing to energy conservation and power savings.

The hope is that this facility, which came into being as an athletics stadium Misato citizens had waited a long time for, will be used to hold various athletics competitions, and also widely enjoyed as a venue for festivals and other kinds of events promoting communication between citizens.



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