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Kofu Midorigaoka Sports Park, Tennis CourtsKofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Newly reopened tennis courts are illuminated for comfort and safety, by the latest version of LEDioc TENNISTER floodlights

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  • With the installation of a total of 36 LEDioc TENNISTER floodlights, the six courts are illuminated efficiently and with high levels of uniformity, delivering an optimal lighting environment.

  • With consideration for the comfort and enjoyment of players, the specialist light distribution for tennis court use creates an environment where play can also be enjoyed in comfort during nighttime hours, whist also preventing light spillage.

  • Designed for use on outdoor tennis courts, LEDioc TENNISTER floodlights feature a compact and lightweight form.

  • The BOIQS system enables users to simply switch the lighting on and off through the scanning of a generated barcode.

  • Daytime view of the courts which have been updated to artificial turf with sand infill.


Installation date

March, 2023

Located in the northern area of Kofu City, Kofu Midorigaoka Sports Park is equipped with an array of facilities, including a baseball field, athletics track (Fujiden Stadium), tennis courts, games field and swimming pool, making it a venue widely appreciated and enjoyed by locals as a hub of sports and recreation. The tennis area features a total of twelve courts, with six courts on the east side (A Courts) and six on the west (B Courts), all suitable for standard tennis and soft tennis.

Commencing September 2021, the City of Kofu undertook a program of comprehensive repair works on the A Courts, which were newly reopened in April 2023. In addition to changing from clay courts to artificial turf courts with sand infill, the latest model LEDioc TENNISTER floodlights were installed to provide lighting for nighttime play across all six courts where previously only four courts were illuminated. Vis-a-vis the previous scheme, glare levels which can be detrimental to play have been restricted, in addition to also limiting the amount of light spillage produced; the resulting lighting scene allows for play to be enjoyed in comfort during nighttime hours.

The lighting management system has also been updated with the introduction of the BOIQS system, which facilitates a rental system for usage of the lights through the use of barcodes. The accuracy of the barcode scanner has been improved since prior to the renewal works, meaning that scanning errors resulting from factors such as sunlight have been greatly reduced to make it a more user-friendly system. Mindful of ensuring the system also remains easily accessible for even less tech-savvy players, the barcode generating system features a newly programmed 'simple mode', which makes it easier to generate barcodes than it was with the previous system and helps with easing the amount of procedure and management required.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER class 300 - 36

  • BOIQS barcode-type lighting panel - 1