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Niiza Lawn Tennis ClubNiiza City, Saitama Prefecture

LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court lighting fixtures brightly and comfortably illuminate clay courts maintained in excellent condition

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  • A total of 18 LEDioc TENNISTER lights have been installed in single- and twin-lamp combinations on the 3 clay courts, which are gentle on the body because of a lesser burden on legs and hips, creating a bright and highly uniform night-game lighting environment.


Installation date

May, 2020

Niiza Lawn Tennis Club is an historic membership-based tennis club founded in 1972 in a lush green environment a 15-minute bus ride from Oizumi-Gakuen Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. It has 11 clay courts and a wall-practice court, and is popular with a wide range of people of all ages and genders. The club is particular about its courts, so we use clay courts, which place less of a burden on the legs and hips of the players. They are easily affected by the weather, so maintenance can be difficult, including using rollers on them after they have dried to a certain extent after rain, but we endeavor to always keep the courts in the best condition so that everyone can enjoy playing tennis in comfort.

Niiza Lawn Tennis Club started a "junior team" in June 2020 with the aim of developing junior players, so we used that as an opportunity to also install new night-game lighting equipment on 3 of the 11 clay courts. Students ranging from elementary to high school age are divided into teams, with lessons held for them from 17:00 to 21:00 after school.

We conducted thorough research before installing the night-game lighting equipment, and decided to use LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court lighting fixtures from Iwasaki Electric. Night-game lighting was a first for us, so initially we were concerned about light-bleed into nearby residences, but after its installation we were able to confirm that only the courts were illuminated in the bright and highly uniform light, so I believe we were able to install good night-game lighting that takes the surrounding environment into consideration. The fixtures themselves are high-power, despite being more compact than we expected, and we greatly appreciate how user friendly they are with their ability to be turned on and off instantly. They have helped us to create a lighting environment that allows tennis to be played in safety and comfort even at night.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 250W type - 18

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