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Ryoko Tennis ClubHiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Lighting the outdoor courts at a tennis club boasting a full range of facilities with LEDioc TENNISTER lights to create a bright lighting environment with superior uniformity

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  • The five sand-based outdoor courts are divided into groupings of three and two courts, with a total of 30 units of LEDioc TENNISTER lights installed in single- and twin-lamp combinations to ensure a maintained average brightness of 400ℓx. A bright, pleasant and highly uniform night-game lighting environment has been created.


Installation date

April, 2018

With four indoor courts and five outdoor courts, Ryoko Tennis Club is one of the largest tennis clubs in Hiroshima in terms of the number of courts. It boasts a full range of facilities, including a lobby and pro-shop, a clubhouse with changing rooms (lockers/showers) and a lounge, and a parking lot with space for up to 70 vehicles.

In April 2018, Ryoko Tennis Club carried out renovation work on the night-lighting for its outdoor courts, replacing the existing HID lighting fixtures and upgrading them to LEDioc TENNISTER specialist outdoor tennis court LED lighting fixtures. The same level of brightness was maintained, but glare has been reduced, enabling the creation of a bright night-game lighting environment with superior uniformity.

The tennis courts are efficiently lit with light from LEDs that contribute to maintenance savings with long-life LED modules that have operating lives of 40000 hours, creating a playing environment that enables the comfortable enjoyment of tennis at night.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 500W type - 30

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