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Minamisoma Municipal Tennis CourtsMinamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture

A tennis court in a rich natural environment is lit by LEDioc TENNISTER lights, creating a comfortable environment to play tennis in while also suppressing light pollution

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  • A total of 48 units of LEDioc TENNISTER lights were installed to evenly illuminate the 8 additional courts efficiently.


Installation date

March, 2018(start of services : April)

Located in a rich natural environment next to Niida River, Haramachi Undo Park has a full range of facilities, including a sports center, a baseball field, a swimming pool and tennis courts, and is widely popular as a place for the promotion of citizens' health and recreation. Minamisoma City expanded the highly utilized the tennis courts, adding an additional 8 courts to the east side of the existing 6 courts, and commencing their joint use from April 2018. LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court LED lighting fixtures were used as the lighting fixtures illuminating the all-weather sand-based artificial-turf courts, contributing to power savings while suppressing glare, and enabling the creation of a highly uniform and pleasant lighting environment. Feedback from users has also noted how bright and easy to play on the courts are. Each tennis court is controlled/managed using a coin-timer. Now that the expansion has provided a total of 14 courts, the hosting of large competitions such as the Tohoku Tournament and the Prefectural Tournament will be possible, and the hope is that they will be used by more and more people in the future.

The expansion of the tennis courts went ahead after working together with a council consisting of Minamisoma city, the City Tennis Association, and the City Softball Association to decide details by referring to opinions from users and after repeated examinations of fence heights, lighting-fixture selection, and paint colors for the lighting poles. LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court LED lighting fixtures, which contribute to power savings while also ensuring sufficient brightness, were selected as the lighting equipment, while a paint color of bright green was chosen for the lighting poles. While the sports center, baseball field, and swimming pool are on either side of a national highway, the tennis courts are surrounded by natural forest, so using a color tone that also gives sufficient consideration to the daytime scenery has made for lighting equipment that blends in with its verdant surrounds. The tennis courts are available until 9 pm, and are a facility where all citizens can enjoy playing tennis under comfortable night-game lighting during the evenings.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER - 48

  • LEDioc AREA GENERO - 12

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