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Musashino Dome Tennis SchoolSuginami Ward, Tokyo

Indoor tennis courts at a long-established tennis club located in a wonderful environment lit by LED lighting to realize a favorable visual environment

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  • The dome-shaped indoor tennis court building, which has a large open space about 9m in height with a steel-framed membrane structure, is illuminated with 320W LEDioc HIGH-BAY α lights to achieve a highly uniform, wonderful visual environment.


Installation date

October, 2019

Musashino Dome Tennis School is an indoor tennis school located in a lushly verdant environment on the grounds of Musashino Lawn Tennis Club, a membership-based tennis club that boasts 11 clay courts kept in the absolute best condition. The school opened in November 1992 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Musashino Lawn Tennis Club, which was established in 1972, as an indoor tennis school with a membrane-dome structure, which was something of a rarity at the time. It has a comprehensive range of facilities, including 3 high-grade sports carpet courts that are gentle on the legs and hips, a reception area, pro shop, lounge, locker rooms, powder/shower rooms, nursery, and parking lot, etc., and offers an environment enabling the enjoyment of tennis anytime in a comfortable indoor space fully equipped with air-conditioning and heating and not affected by the weather. In addition, the tent membrane material's translucence allows sunlight through during the day, maintaining a natural brightness with gentle light, while the vast pillar-less space creates an open sporting environment.

In October 2019, Musashino Dome Tennis School carried out renovations on its indoor tennis court lighting, updating it to LED lighting. We wanted to have uniform illumination for the entire area, but were hesitant about making the change to LED lighting because of concerns about the highly directional nature of LED light. However, after our experience two years ago, when we made the change to LED lighting at our sister indoor tennis school, Musashino Tennis City, and were able to create a good visual environment, we decided to go ahead with the recent renovation and make the change to LED. Since side lighting is not possible with the facility's domed ceiling, we focused on reducing glare on the courts, replacing the existing HID floodlights that used 100W metal halide lamps with 320W LEDioc HIGH-BAYα LED high ceiling lighting fixtures with attached diffusion panels. We also made a change with respect to indirect lighting, making a reduction from the previous 60 units of HID floodlights to 20 units of highly efficient, high-power 65W LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART LED floodlights, while also ensuring a brightness 1.5 times greater compared to before the renovation and achieving a significant reduction in power consumption.

The renovation has also been well received by users, who comment on how brighter it has become. At night, the indoor lighting is diffused and transmitted, making the dome-shaped form float gently, and creating impressive nighttime scenery when seen from the surrounding area.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY α 320W - 28

  • LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART 65W type - 20

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