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Dome Tachikawa TachihiTachikawa City, Tokyo

Creating a high-quality light environment befitting the courts where an International Women's Tennis Tournament - the pinnacle of domestic competition - was held

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  • LED
  • All lights turned on. The lights ensure the international tournament standard brightness of 1076ℓx or more.


Installation date

August, 2018

As one of the venues for the International Women's Tennis Tournament - the pinnacle of domestic competition - held in September 2018, Dome Tachikawa Tachihi was newly built in August 2018 in Tokyo's Tachikawa City. Since its start in 1984, the tournament has held the attention of Japan's tennis fans as a tournament in which iconic tennis players of the times face each other in heated contests. The event had been held at Ariake Coliseum and Ariake Tennis Forest since the 2008 tournament, but due to refurbishment work at those venues, Arena Tachikawa Tachihi / Dome Tachikawa Tachihi was selected as the venue for the event in 2018. Located a 1-minute walk from the Tama Monorail's Tachihi station, Arena Tachikawa Tachihi is a multipurpose arena able to accommodate more than 3000 people that was completed in 2017, and Dome Tachikawa Tachihi is a new addition to the south side of the arena.

The site the dome sits on has an area of 2743.87m², while the steel-frame (membrane-structure) building itself has a total area of 1609.08m², a capacity of 1020 people, and is intended for use for a variety of events and sports besides tennis. High-power LEDioc FLOOD DUELL LED floodlights have been used as the lighting illuminating the bright blue courts, meeting the competition standard expressed in average foot-candles for 15 specified points both on and off the courts (1076ℓx or more), while also using side-illumination methods to suppress glare affecting the players and achieve a light distribution with bilaterally symmetrical uniformity.

Furthermore, assuming use for recreational sports in addition to tournaments, a design with an average of 400ℓx or more was implemented, taking usability into account, so that switching to or from 400ℓx for either normal or tournament use would be possible with a single switch and no change to the orientation of the fittings.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W type - 38

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