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Tennis Academy Rough Fukuoka SchoolFukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

LEDioc TENNISTER lights illuminate the courts and create a high-quality lighting environment at a tennis academy that develops junior players who are active on the world stage.

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  • The world-class hard courts are illuminated with 250W LEDioc TENNISTER lights to create a bright and highly uniform lighting environment while suppressing glare.


Installation date

October, 2019

Link Sports Co., Ltd., which operates the "Rough" indoor and outdoor tennis schools in Fukuoka City and Oita City, opened Tennis Academy Rough's Fukuoka School in Fukuoka City's Nishi-ku in November 2019. An outdoor tennis school with 4 sand-based artificial-turf courts and 2 hard courts, the school was opened with the aim of creating a base for Fukuoka's leading tennis players and is positioned mainly as an academy for junior-player development.

The Tennis Academy Rough Oita School in Oita City has produced players who win championships at competitions such as the national elementary school tennis championships and the national junior selection tennis championships, and our organization has created the most optimum environment and provides full-fledged tennis instruction in order to develop players from the Fukuoka School who can be active on both the national and global stages. One aspect of this is our provision of hard courts, which are widely used in tours around the world, including the Australian Open and the US Open. By providing international-grade hard courts in addition to the sandy artificial turf courts that are often used in Japanese competitions, we have taken the trouble to make our facilities competitive on an equal footing globally.

Our junior-player development courses and competitor course lessons are basically held in the evenings, and in order to enable tennis at nighttime to be played in conditions closer to those during the day, we are very particular about the lighting used to illuminate our tennis courts, and so have used 250W LEDioc TENNISTER LED lighting fixtures designed for outdoor tennis courts. Our impression after their installation was that, with the lights on, although the courts do not look so bright when seen from the outside, it feels very bright when you actually are standing on them, and we believe we were able to create a good lighting environment that suppresses the glare that hinders play while also making it is easy to see the balls in the air. We realized again the significance of spatial brightness along with the importance of both vertical and horizontal illuminance compared to the actual set-brightness value of 500ℓx. We hope to continue to work closely with the six schools in Fukuoka City, including our school, to develop global-standard players while at the same time sharing the fun and joy of sports culture through tennis.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 250W type - 48

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 60 Class - 3

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