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Shimpo Tennis ResortNiiza City, Saitama Prefecture

Open outdoor tennis courts lit with LEDioc TENNISTER lights to create a pleasant lighting environment that contributes to power savings

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  • The 2 new outdoor tennis courts established with the expansion construction work have a total of 12 units of LEDioc TENNISTER lights newly installed to evenly and efficiently light the courts.


Installation date

August, 2017

Shimpo Tennis Resort is a tennis school and tennis club with an open and bright resort-like feel. There are 2.5 indoor carpet courts on the first floor, and 1 on the second, and the facility is fully equipped with training rooms, locker rooms, shower rooms, and a nursery to provide an environment that enables the enjoyment of tennis in comfort. The tennis school includes a variety of classes, including general school, junior school, and training courses, and is used by people of wide ranging ages. The tennis club has a membership system that includes full memberships and weekday memberships to allow everybody to choose according to their lifestyle, and is fully equipped with sand-based outdoor courts, a clubhouse, a terrace deck, and a parking area. Shimpo Tennis Resort carried out work to improve the night-time lighting equipment for its outdoor tennis courts, upgrading the existing 1000W HID floodlights to LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court LED lighting fixtures. Furthermore, expansion work to create another 2 outdoor courts took place, and in conjunction with this new lighting poles with the same LEDioc TENNISTER light sources were also installed. The existing HID floodlights had shade panels installed to counter light pollution in the surrounding area, but the LEDioc TENNISTER lights reduce shine while controlling light bleed in the rear direction, so installation of the panels is no longer necessary. The upgrade to LEDioc TENNISTER in place of the 1000W HID lights has achieved large-scale power savings, and the consensus is that a highly uniform and pleasant lighting environment has been created.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 250W - 47

  • LEDioc STREET 40VA - 1

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