Sports Lighting Tennis

Hyogo Medical University, Higashinaruo Tennis CourtsNishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

LED lighting upgrades deliver energy savings and a playing environment brightly and uniformly illuminated for comfort

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  • LED
  • Super wide beam angle models of the LEDioc FLOOD RESQ 300W type floodlight deliver bright, uniform light across the space to create a playing environment that can also be enjoyed in comfort outside of daylight hours.

  • Producing levels of brightness matching that of a 1000W metal halide lamp, LEDioc FLOOD RESQ 300W type floodlights deliver an efficient court lighting scheme that contributes towards energy savings.

  • Two LEDioc FLOOD RESQ 300W type floodlights mounted on a pole.

  • Daytime view of the courts, which are widely used by students both present and past alike.


Installation date

August, 2023

With its main campus located in Mukogawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture, the Hyogo Medical University is a private medical school made up of four faculties: medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and rehabilitation.

In August 2023, the school carried out works to upgrade the lighting installations at its three all-weather tennis courts, replacing the existing HID luminaires with LED. In addition to being used regularly by the regular tennis and soft tennis university clubs, the courts are also available for use by alumni of the university. With a need to deliver a uniform and even light across the courts whilst also being mindful of limiting glare so as not to hinder visibility of the ball, LEDioc FLOOD RESQ 300W type floodlights were selected to replace the existing luminaires. Offering energy savings thanks to levels of brightness equivalent to that from a 1kW metal halide lamp, and low maintenance benefits thanks to a rated average LED module life of 50000hrs, the floodlights provide a brightly and comfortably illuminated playing environment, with users noting the increased brightness and commenting that they could now better see the ball and the lines of play.

With the facility to be switched on and off instantly, LED lighting can provide immediate illuminance and is highly rated for its ease of use, whilst also contributing towards energy savings.


  • LEDioc FLOOD RESQ 300W type - 14

  • Bespoke Mounting Fixture - 12