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Komae Lawn Tennis ClubKomae City, Tokyo

Global-standard hard courts used for international competition lit with LEDioc TENNISTER lights for bright and comfortable night-game lighting

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  • A total of 24 units of LEDioc TENNISTER lights have been installed in single, double and 4-lamp combinations on the 3 hard courts to ensure an average brightness of 300ℓx, achieving pleasant, bright, and highly uniform night-game lighting.


Installation date

November, 2017

Komae LTC Corporation opened the members-only Komae Lawn Tennis Club in 1982 in Tokyo's Komae City, with 4 clay courts and 5 hard courts. In 2004, it added 3.5 indoor courts, and enjoys wide patronage from people in the area at its Komae Indoor Tennis School. Currently there are 5 outdoor courts in total - 3 hard courts (DecoTurf) and 2 Omnicourts (artificial turf), and in November of 2017 work was carried out to install night game lighting for the 3 hard courts, which until then had no lighting at night. After giving sufficient consideration to light pollution in the surrounding area with the installation of the night-game lighting, LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court lighting fixtures were selected, enabling the creation of a pleasant, bright and superbly uniform lighting environment while also reducing glare and contributing to power savings. The club operates a junior tennis training program with the objective of training tennis players who will be active at the local and global levels, and is equipped with international-standard hard courts in addition to its sand-based artificial-turf courts, and the installation of the night-game lighting for the hard courts has enabled the provision of a more complete training environment.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 250W type - 24

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