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Nogihama Comprehensive Park Stadium Tennis courtShimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Creating a lighting environment with excellent visibility by using specialist tennis court lighting fixtures to light the tennis courts at a comprehensive park where the provision of a full range of sports facilities is underway

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  • The courts are lit with power-saving LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court lighting fixtures, making for a bright, highly uniform, and comfortable lighting environment.


Installation date

May, 2015

Nogihama Comprehensive Park is a comprehensive park with an overall area of 35.4ha located in the eastern district of Shimonoseki City. Its first stage was complete by 2006, whereupon roughly 13.8ha, including a multi-purpose ground, a grassy open area, an open area for children, an area for appreciating water, and a reed bed, was offered for use, becoming a familiar park that is widely used by residents of the area. Work is currently underway on its second stage with a focus on exercise facilities, and in May of 2017, 5 sandbased artificial-turf tennis courts with night-game lighting became available for use. Installed for the night-game lighting were LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court lighting fixtures, which efficiently light court surfaces while giving consideration to the surrounding environment by suppressing light-bleed in the upper and rear directions, which has in turn made for a scenery-conscious facility. Nogihama Comprehensive Park and its tennis courts are close to the ocean, and the lighting fixtures are mainly special-use stainless steel with a heavy-duty, salt-resistant fluorine resin coating applied. Furthermore, they also come equipped with an initial illumination intensity compensation function that suppresses excessive brightness in the early days after installation and maintains a fixed brightness until the end of the lighting's lifespan. The design brightness ensures 300ℓx even when each court is lit independently, and the level of symmetry is 0.5 or greater, making for a lighting environment that contributes to power savings while enabling the enjoyment of tennis in a comfortable brightness at night.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER - 30

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