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Nikke Colton Tennis GardenIchikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

Direct installation of LEDioc THREE STAR lights onto the ceiling covering 5 indoor tennis courts creates a pleasant lighting environment

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  • Wood-grain ceilings provide an atmosphere of luxury for the indoor tennis courts, which are lit with LEDioc THREE STAR lights, creating a pleasant visual environment that suppresses glare.


Installation date

May, 2018

Nikke Colton Tennis Garden is a tennis school located inside Nikke Colton Plaza, a shopping mall in Chiba Prefecture's Ichikawa City. It features a full range of facilities enabling customers to take lessons in comfort, including 5 sand-based artificial-turf indoor courts, locker and shower rooms, a shop, and free parking inside Nikke Colton Plaza. It offers a variety of classes including junior courses and general courses tailored to the level of each learner, from those holding a racket for the first time to more advanced players, and is popular with the people who live in the region. In May 2018 the facility carried out renovations to the lighting for its indoor tennis courts, using LEDioc THREE STAR LED specialist indoor tennis court lighting fixtures to replace the existing HID floodlights. The existing HID floodlights had 1kW metal halide lamp light sources and electric hoist devices built into the ceiling, but those ceiling recesses were covered before directly installing a total of 70 (14 for each court) of the LEDioc THREE STAR lights. Increased brightness has been sought for the senior members of the tennis school, with the lighting design involving a large-scale increase in brightness to 700ℓx from the previous 400ℓx of the HID floodlights. The ceiling has a height of more than 10m, and the new lights flood the spacious area in light with a superior uniformity. At the same time, they also afford cleaner visibility for the court surfaces, and the feedback from customers since the renovation has been positive, noting how much brighter it has become. The LED lighting is also user-friendly, being able to be turned on or off instantaneously, and the consensus is that a pleasant lighting environment has been created while also promoting power savings.


  • LED lighting fixtures for Indoor Tennis court LEDioc THREE STAR - 70

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