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Sakuragawa City General Sports Park Tennis CourtsSakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Increasing brightness whilst suppressing glare, LEDioc FLOOD ZEST provides a pleasant light environment where tennis can now also be enjoyed at night

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  • LED
  • A uniformly illuminated, high-specification lighting environment, created with LEDioc FLOOD ZEST, which boasts glare-minimizing light distribution properties amongst its key features.


Installation date

November, 2020

Spanning an overall area of 14.3 hectares, the vast site of Sakuragawa City General Sports Park offers a full range of sporting facilities including a sports hall, multipurpose pitch, grass field, tennis courts, and a heated swimming pool, and it is the largest sports park in Sakuragawa City. Developed as a cultural and wellbeing hub with sporting activity at its heart, the park also features facilities such as a children's play area and a public square able to accommodate open-air concerts and performances, and it is widely appreciated as a place where people can enjoy not only sporting, but also cultural and recreational activities.

The tennis area features 7 courts and has been set up for nighttime lighting since its opening in 1998, but seeking to promote energy saving measures and also to reduce the standby time between switching the lighting on and off, Sakuragawa City enacted construction works to switch to LED lighting in November 2020, with the aid of a grant from the sports promotion lottery toto. Making use of the existing columns, mounts and distribution board already in place, the scheme was realized solely through replacement of the luminaires. This saw 64 units of the high-efficiency, high color rendering LED floodlight LEDioc FLOOD ZEST, Standard Model 500 Class installed. Despite using only the same number of luminaires as the previous scheme, energy consumption has been halved thanks to the installed 500W Class floodlights offering a level of brightness comparable to the 1kW metal halide lamps they replaced, thus helping to make significant contributions towards energy savings. The surface illumination level has also increased from 800ℓx under the previous scheme, up to 900ℓx.

With the addition of dedicated hood attachments for the floodlights, a pleasant nighttime lighting environment has been achieved, whilst also ensuring the avoidance of light spillage to the surrounding areas.


  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST Standard Model 500 class - 64

  • Electric Bug Killer - 10

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