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Miyanomori Sports ClubSapporo City, Hokkaido

Using lighting fixtures for indoor tennis courts to light the courts at an indoor tennis school with the latest facilities and create a pleasant lighting environment

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  • The top-grade artificial turf courts enable the comfortable enjoyment of tennis with less of a burden on legs and hips. They are lit with LEDioc THREESTAR lights, creating a pleasant lighting environment with suppressed glare.


Installation date

April, 2016

Miyanomori Sports Club is one of the largest sports clubs in Hokkaido, with locations in four of the prefecture's cities. All of its facilities are indoor, which allows enjoyment of its various sports, mainly tennis and golf, all year round in a comfortable environment. In July of this year, the Shinmiyanomori School had its grand opening in Sapporo City's Nishi-ku. It features a full range of facilities, including 2.5 completely air-conditioned indoor tennis courts, a dedicated studio for physical education classes, male and female changing rooms, locker rooms, and a free parking area. LEDioc THREESTAR LED lighting fixtures for indoor tennis courts were used as the lighting for the tennis courts, being the first of their kind to be used in Hokkaido. They ensure a design brightness of 800ℓx, focusing on horizontal-plane and vertical plane brightness and increasing visibility so that fast and high balls from smashes and lobs can be better seen. The lights prevent glare and brightly and evenly light the courts in their entirety, realizing a pleasant lighting environment. They promote power savings, comfortably lighting the indoor tennis courts in high-quality light befitting a sports club with the latest facilities, including the use of Hokkaido's first top-grade artificial turf courts.


  • LED Lighting fixtures for Indoor Tennis court LEDioc THREESTAR - 35

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