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Well Racket ClubKatsushika Ward, Tokyo

Using 500W LEDioc TENNISTER lights to brightly and comfortably light an indoor tennis court able to be open or closed in all directions

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  • The 3 sand-based artificial-turf courts, which do not strain the legs or hips, are lit with LEDioc TENNISTER lights, ensuring an initial-setting brightness of 700ℓx.


Installation date

May, 2018

Well Racket Club is a tennis school with a full range of facilities, including 3 indoor and 1 outdoor sand-based artificial-turf courts, a cafe/clubhouse, changing and shower rooms, a nursery, and parking. The indoor courts have a high ceiling and sense of openness, and are inside a tent-like structure with a freely retractable ceiling and walls, which keeps a sense of the outdoor while also enabling the comfortable playing of tennis in all seasons, including days with rain or strong winds. It offers a diverse program tailored to the level of each player, from beginners to more advanced players, including general courses and junior courses, and is an environment where everybody can enjoy playing tennis. It also aims to foster children's minds alongside their bodies, offering a family course in which parents and children can learn on separate courts at the same time, as well as a parent-child course where parents and children play tennis on same court, and both have become popular classes.

2018 marked the 30th year since the establishment of Well Racket Club, and the facility underwent renovations, reopening again at the end of April. In addition to the resurfacing of the tent and artificial-turf surfaces, the changing and shower rooms were renovated, and the lighting for the indoor tennis courts changed to LED, with the installation of 24 units of 500W LEDioc TENNISTER specialist tennis court lighting fixtures in place of the previous HID floodlights. While the facility is an indoor tennis court, the retractable tent-like structure is able to be opened up during typhoons, and so LED lighting fixtures designed for outdoor tennis court use were used, ensuring the maximum brightness level for an indoor facility.

The response from senior members since the upgrade to LED lighting has been positive, with comments on how bright it has become and how balls are easier to see. The change to LED lighting during the renovation work this time has enabled the realization of a comfortable lighting environment that brightly and evenly lights the courts while suppressing glare.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER - 24

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