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VIP Indoor Tennis School ToyochoKoto Ward, Tokyo

LEDioc THREE STAR lights realize a good lighting environment by lighting the courts at an indoor tennis school that are the culmination of 45 years since its establishment

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  • The spacious area where high-grade carpet courts in a vivid red-earth color specially made to resemble the Roland Garros venue produce a fine-quality atmosphere is lit with LEDioc THREE STAR lights, creating a well-illuminated area.


Installation date

February, 2020

Conveniently located a 6-minute walk from Toyocho Station on the Tozai Subway Line, VIP Indoor Tennis School Toyocho is an indoor tennis school that had its grand opening in April 2020. VIP Indoor Tennis School, which started in 1975 as Japan's first indoor tennis school and then closed in 2008 for redevelopment, was reborn anew in Toyocho after 12 years, marking the start of a long-coveted second chapter. The facility is fully equipped with air-conditioning and heating to enable comfortable enjoyment of tennis all year round, and the interior has 3.5 high-grade carpet courts in a vivid red-earth color that resembles that of the Roland Garros venue for the French Open. We made the proprietary moveable nets white to create a space with a refreshing impression and a feeling of warmth. In addition, with a full range of facilities including locker and shower rooms, pro shop, parking lot, and free nursery room, our environment enables a wide range of people - from beginners to advanced players, and juniors to seniors - to experience the fun of tennis.

We are also particular about lighting at our school, and so have used LEDioc THREE STAR specialist indoor tennis court lighting fixtures. The lights are arranged on the sides of the courts so as to minimize any effect on the players' lines of sight, and the entire space is illuminated brightly with an average maintained brightness of 800ℓx ensured while glare is suppressed. The first comment we hear from many of the people who visit the facility is about how bright it is, and I believe we have been able to create a high-quality lighting environment.

We hope that many people will experience the joy of playing tennis at VIP Indoor Tennis School Toyocho, where we are aiming to deliver the best lessons, the best customer service, and the best facilities befitting the culmination of our 45 years of effort.


  • LED lighting fixtures for Indoor Tennis court LEDioc THREE STAR - 40

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