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Kiryu Boat Racing Track (BOAT RACE KIRYU)Midori City, Gunma Prefecture

High-efficiency, energy saving LED floodlights safely illuminate the circuit to bring out the thrills of nighttime racing

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  • The installation and illumination angles of the floodlights has been meticulously planned and adjusted so as to avoid the potential impact of glare and excessive brightness upon competitors, delivering a bright and comfortable visual environment.

  • High-efficiency LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1500W type floodlights in situ. Mindful of avoiding light spillage into surrounding areas, some units are fitted with additional louvers.

  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1500W type and LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights in situ.

  • LED light brings vivid illuminations to the nighttime racing, with the excitement of the racing amplified by the powerful roar of the engines.

  • Compact yet high-output LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1500W type and LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 floodlights combine to brightly illuminate the course and provide a high quality nighttime racing environment.

  • The Kiryu Boat Racing Track, providing an exciting nighttime racing experience from the seats close to the water.

  • High-efficiency LED floodlights contribute towards energy reductions whilst also maintaining surface illuminance levels at 1000ℓx.

  • Daytime view of the facility.


Installation date

January, 2023

Located in Midori City, Gunma Prefecture, Kiryu Boat Racing Track (also known as BOAT RACE KIRYU) was opened in 1956 and is presently the northernmost boat racing track in Japan. The Dracula-inspired venue mascot "Drakiryu" plays upon the venue being famed as the of its kind to host nighttime racing, and the "Drakiryu Nighter" series of nighttime racing which sports its name is widely enjoyed by fans and local residents alike. Furthermore the pioneering venue features facilities such as a seated voting system, in addition to being responsibility operated as a private entity with secure income streams as a prerequisite, and it is a venue committed to innovation which remains at the vanguard of the industry.

In January 2023, lighting upgrade works undertaken at the Kiryu Boat Race Track saw the installation of high-efficiency LEDioc FLOOD DUELL and LEDioc FLOOD AVANT floodlights. Satisfying the surface illuminance levels as specified by the motorboat racing regulations and all other applicable laws and regulations, and seeking to provide a fair and smooth setting for racing, the scheme also contributes towards reductions in environmental impact through the promotion of installation of energy saving equipment.

The works were conducted without impacting upon the operations of the venue, and were undertaken with a great deal of consideration given both to the surrounding environment, and the avoidance of light spillage and light pollution which may impact upon nearby residents. Following the renovations, there have been no issues raised by any of the area's residents regarding light spillage or light pollution either, and feedback from boat racers and all involved parties has been positive, with many noting that the venue is now brighter and that visibility has been improved.


  • LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 1500W type - 583

  • LEDioc FLOOD AVANT class 400 - 18

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