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Matsuyama Central Park Multi-Purpose StadiumMatsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

A change to LED for the outdoor lighting at a multi-purpose stadium used for night-time Keirin races realizes large-scale reductions in power consumption and a safe and comfortable lighting environment

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  • LED
  • The entire space is brightly lit using high-power LEDioc FLOOD DUELL LED floodlights, creating a superbly balanced visual environment.


Installation date

September, 2017

With a full range of sports facilities, Matsuyama Central Park is a park widely popular with the city's residents. Its multi-purpose stadium is used as a central facility for cycle track races for not only the suburbs of Matsuyama, but for the entire prefecture of Ehime. The track used for cycle races (Setokaze Bank) is a 400m bank, and in addition to being used for public races, it is also used as a cycle track race practice location. Recently, renovations were carried out on the outdoor lighting equipment with a focus on the bank. The existing lighting, which was mainly metal halide lamps, was upgraded to high-power LEDioc FLOOD DUELL LED floodlights, with the full-scale change to LED lighting achieving large-scale reductions in power consumption whilst simultaneously giving the facility's lighting environment a makeover in terms of safety considerations due to more speedy power on/off operation of the lights. The high-watt floodlights are lighting equipment that takes in to account the surrounding environment, with louvers being attached to reduce light-bleed into the surrounding area and also the glare experienced by riders and spectators alike. Moreover, fittings with appropriate light distribution performance were selected after taking into account lighting fitting installation positions for each area of the race track (bank), as well as lighting points and beam ranges, lighting the entire area of the race track as evenly as possible. When the races are held at night, the lighting ensures a maintained average horizontal plane brightness of 1200ℓx or more, a maintained average vertical plane brightness of 800ℓx or more, and 3000ℓx or more at the finish line, which are the standard values required in public races, and the brightness is lowered using lighting pattern control for all other times. The cycle park lighting is also set at a maintained average brightness of 200ℓx or more. Light from power saving LED's brightly and comfortably lights the regionally grounded stadium, creating a high-quality lighting environment.



    1300W type - 125

    1100W type - 125

    830W type - 119

    560W type - 97

  • LED Floodlight Louver - 370

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