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Mutsu Maeda Arena (Mutsu City Comprehensive Arena)Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture

Created as a new sporting hub for Mutsu City, the arena is illuminated with high-quality light

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  • LED
  • Main arena. Using a multi-level truss, the large, high-ceilinged space is illuminated with 62 units of LEDioc FLOOD ZEST, maintaining an ample ambient illumination level of 1500ℓx at maximum output whilst also increasing light uniformity levels and creating a pleasant lighting environment.


Installation date

June, 2020(Open:September, 2020)

Developed by the City of Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture, the city center Mutsu Maeda Arena (Mutsu City Comprehensive Arena) was opened to the public in September 2020. Created as a sporting facility to replace the Civic Sports Center which had deteriorated and become outdated, the new arena takes on the mantle as the new hub to for sporting development in Mutsu City and the wider Shimokita (lower northern) region of Japan. In addition to hosting professional sport, the arena is equipped not only to host a variety of sporting events, exhibitions and concerts, but will also serve as a regional disaster base facility.

Constructed with reinforced concrete and in one part a steel frame, the building offers an area of 8010m² across its two stories. Arranged in a parallel layout, the main arena and the sub-arena on the ground floor are constructed in a way that allows for them to be used as a larger, combined space by opening the wall between them. With an area of 47.5m x 39.0m, the main arena offers sufficient space for two basketball courts, and is also equipped with 1058 spectator seats and a 200m running track; at 25.5m x 15.5m sub-arena (multipurpose hall) covers the area of one basketball court, and is equipped with 60 spectator seats. Also featuring a bouldering facility - the first of its kind in a public facility in the prefecture - in addition to a multipurpose room, the arena is equipped with providing a complete offering of facilities.

The goal of creating a pleasant and comfortable lighting environment for the large open space of the main arena and sub-arena in which various sports such as basketball, volleyball and badminton would take place, saw the installation of the high efficiency, high color rendering LED floodlight LEDioc FLOOD ZEST, Simple Model class 500. A lighting control system to control glare has also been incorporated so that a broad range of requirements across various sports could be met, whilst also providing the capacity to produce the 1400ℓx required for official B-League (The Professional Basketball League of Japan) matches. Thanks to the ITACS-LC lighting control system, a variety of pre-set lighting arrangements can be easily activated using a touchscreen panel, allowing users to match the given lighting requirements which differ according to the intended usage. From elementary and junior high school level sports events, to sports for the general public, national sports events, and through to professional level sports, a broad spectrum of activity is anticipated for Mutsu City's new sporting facility; through the illumination of high-quality light, a safe, comfortable lighting environment has been created for it.


  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST Simple Model class 500 - 86

  • Lighting Control System ITACS-LC - 1

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