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Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Hakodate ArenaHakodate City, Hokkaido

Lighting equipment for a variety of uses in a sports convention facility able to accommodate a maximum of 5000 people

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  • LED
  • HID
  • The main arena has an area of 2860m² , and is lit with 200W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ and EYE Shade lights (660W FEC CERA ARC ACE PRO2) while making the most of its impressive two-directional stringbeam structured trusses, creating a pleasant lighting environment.


Installation date

July, 2015

Hakodate Arena is a sports convention facility established in Hakodate's Yunokawa district in August of 2015. It has two elliptical buildings - one large, one small - joined by a hall section, giving it a characteristic shape, and the main-arena building has a main arena the size of three basketball courts, while the subarena building has a martial arts stadium on its first floor and a single basketball court on its second. The main arena has fixed audience seating for 2120 people, but can accommodate a maximum of 5000. Is a multipurpose facility able to host a variety of sports competitions, concerts, events, and large-scale conventions. Highceiling lighting fixtures with 660W high-performance/long-life FEC CERA ARC ACE PRO2 light sources and power-saving, high-output 200W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ floodlights were used for the lighting in both the main and sub-arenas. The brightness level has been set to satisfy anything from general use (500ℓx) to internationalcompetition- class brightness standards (1500ℓx), making it lighting equipment able to handle a variety of uses. Furthermore, 210W LEDioc FLOOD SPOLART LED floodlights have been arranged to compensate for sections not covered by light from the highceiling lighting. 200W LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ lights are lit for safety lighting (150ℓx), making effective use of the merits of the LED lighting, including a long-life rated lifespan of 60000 hours and the ability to be turned on instantaneously. The arena has an elliptical shape with an impressive two-directional string-beam structure, and creative plumbing and rack and cable wiring have been incorporated to cleanly display its trusses, creating a comfortable lighting environment that makes the most of the features of the building.


  • EYE Shade (FEC CERA ARC ACE PRO2 660W) - 211

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