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Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Tokyo Metropolitan GymnasiumShibuya Ward, Tokyo

The introduction of high-performance metal halide lamps and LED lighting brightens a key national facility while saving power

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  • LED
  • HID
  • The combination of high-performance metal halide floodlights and LED lighting has increased the brightness and brought power savings.


Installation date

February, 2013

The Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium is a key national sporting facility able to handle the largest events. It has a capacity for a maximum of 10000 spectators in its main arena and it plays host to a variety of world, international and national sporting events. Meanwhile, its swimming pool, training room and athletic field and track are also open daily as a place for general users to freely enjoy. During the previous year, renovation work was carried out on the main arena's lighting system as part of simultaneous repairs to this ageing facility. The gymnasium was reopened in April 2013. For the main lighting, the previous fixtures were upgraded to better-performance 1kW metal halide floodlights, while the security lighting was upgraded from 1.5kW halogen floodlights to 190W LED floodlights. Newly released 35W LED floodlights were installed for lighting spectator areas. A benefit of LED lighting, other than the power savings, is that in the event of a power outage event they will instantaneously return to full brightness once the power is reconnected. Depending on the location of the 1kW metal halide floodlights, vertical or horizontal louvers have been used to combat any potential for glare that may affect athletes during sporting events. A maintained average brightness of 1500ℓx has been ensured since the upgrade. In addition, the lighting control system makes it possible to tailor the lighting for a wide range of uses, from national sporting events to recreation activities.


  • HID floodlight - 348

  • LED floodlight

    190W - 72

    35W - 72

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