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Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Okayama Gakugeikan High School GymnasiumOkayama City, Okayama Prefecture

The switch to LED lighting gives a gymnasium more flexible control of its lighting environment and also achieves substantial power savings

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  • LED
  • The arena lighting is a combination of cool white (5000K) LEDioc HIGH-BAY Λ lights as a base and warm white (3000K) LEDioc CEILING HB lights, delivering both power savings and improved color rendering. Controllers in two locations of the facility enable row-based light-adjustment and on/off control.


Installation date

September, 2013

Okayama Gakugeikan High School is located in Higashi-ku, Okayama. In the fall of 2013, renovation work was carried out on the school's gymnasium to improve its earthquake-resistance. In conjunction with that work, the gymnasium was upgraded with the latest technology LED lighting fixtures. The old fixtures with 400W mercury lamps were replaced with highly energy-efficient 200W LEDioc HB200 and LED high-ceiling lighting fixtures. The new lighting system provides an average brightness of 500ℓx. Warm white (3000K) types have been mixed with cool white (5000K) types for improved color rendering. Selective control is now possible. The high-ceiling fixtures can be dimmed or turned off in rows, enabling the creation of a more effective lighting environment to suit different purposes. The new system has demonstrated its performance during recent club activities in the arena and for special events requiring stage spot lighting effects. The LED lighting also offers rapid on/off control, which is expected to deliver further power savings by avoiding the previous run-up times.


  • LEDioc HB200 - 30

  • LED ceiling floodlight - 18

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