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Koga Central Sports Park General Gymnasium (Hanamomo Gymnasium)Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Lighting an arena with highly efficient LEDioc HIGH-BAY α high ceiling lighting fixtures to realize power savings and a safe and comfortable lighting environment

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  • A view of the arena with all lights turned on (set brightness of 800ℓx).


Installation date

June, 2019

Koga Central Sports Park is a sports park with a full range of facilities including a general gymnasium, heated pool, athletics stadium, tennis courts, free open space, and open space for interaction, and is widely used by those living in the city as a place for sports and recreation. Koga City removed the ceiling boards in the general gymnasium, which is fondly known as "Hanamomo Gymnasium", and in conjunction with this carried out a renovation of the lighting equipment. In addition to its arena with 2 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts and 8 badminton courts, the facility has competition areas including judo, kendo, and table tennis halls, as well as a training room and a conference room. And It was the venue for the Tug-of-War and Shorinji Kempo events at the "Iki-iki Ibaraki Yume Kokutai" National Sports Festival of Japan held in September 2019.

In this lighting upgrade, for the arena lighting, the same previous locations and number of light installations were used, so in order to have an overall clean display of the lines of lighting fixtures, round 210W and 75W LEDioc HIGH-BAY α LED high ceiling lighting fixtures were used in place of the existing 14 installations of twin 700W mercury lamps + twin 500W incandescent lamps and 28 installations of twin 700W mercury lamps.

The upgrade to highly efficient LED high ceiling lighting fixtures has promoted power savings and seen an increase in brightness of around 10% compared to the previous lighting. The setting of lighting patterns according to various purposes including competition lighting, security lighting, and full lighting has also made for a better lighting environment.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY α

    210W - 84

    75W - 28

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