Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Sakuragawa City Iwase Stadium (RASUKA)Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Wireless controls facilitate an array of arrangements tailored to varying scenarios to provide an optimal lighting environments whilst also reducing energy consumption

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  • LED
  • Dimmable LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ luminaires illuminate the main arena which hosts a variety of events such as concerts and sporting competitions, able to provide lighting environments tailored to a wide array of settings and requirements.

  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ 235W Wireless type luminaires in situ.

  • Operating panel for the wireless system, offering ease of use both in controlling the lighting and also checking its operational status.

  • Sub arena. Same as main arena, the illuminance at maximum output is maintained at 1200ℓx.

  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ 235W Wireless type luminaires can be individually controlled to provide lighting scenes tailored to a broad range of uses; here, fitted with protective guards.

  • AIRLIA COMPACT, installed near the training machines.

  • In the training gym, users can work out using various types of training machines in the sunshine.

  • AIRLIA COMPACT, the airflow purification systems are situated throughout the facility to ensure the safe and secure training.

  • Daytime view of the sports hall, featuring its characteristic giant silver roof.


Installation date

December, 2022
November, 2020(AIRLIA COMPACT)

The Sakuragawa City Iwase Stadium (RASUKA) is a multipurpose sports hall situated within the city's largest sports park, which is spread across a vast 14.3ha site and offers a comprehensive array of facilities including an all-purpose field, lawn gardens, tennis courts and a heated swimming pool. Featuring an open and airy main arena bathed in natural daylight, as well as a sub-arena, training rooms and conference rooms, the facility fulfills a wide variety of uses, whether as a concert hall or as host to a broad range of sporting activities through to official competition level.

With the aid of a grant bestowed by the Japan Sport Council (JSC) through proceeds from the sports promotion lottery toto, the City of Sakuragawa undertook renovation works to update the lighting in the main arena and sub-arena to LED. LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ 235W Wireless type luminaires have been installed as direct one-for-one replacements following the layout of existing installation, providing a bright, comfortable lighting environment whilst also delivering significant energy savings. Furthermore the incorporation of the Wi-CONNECTY wireless controls system facilitates the reproduction of a multitude of lighting arrangements through adaptive and flexible operation, allowing for the scope and levels of illuminance to be tailored to suit whatever event is taking place.

The Stadium also accommodates a training gym. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the gym has been operated in a creative way such as limiting the number of people and avoiding the side-by-side equipment usage. The AIRLIA COMPACT was selected to ensure that the people can use the facility safely.


  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ 235W - 102

  • Wireless Control System Wi-CONNECTY - 1