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Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Koga City Sanwa Health Fureai Sports CenterKoga City, Ibaraki Prefecture

A gymnasium popular with the public is lit using LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ (gamma) lights, promoting power savings while ensuring comfortable brightness

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  • The arena, which is used for a wide range of purposes, is illuminated with LEDioc HIGH-BAY Γ lights to ensure comfortable brightness while suppressing glare.


Installation date

March, 2019

Koga City Sanwa Health Fureai Sports Center is a sports facility with a heated swimming pool and general gymnasium, and enjoys widespread popularity as a public facility where various events are held, including all kinds of sporting competitions.

In March 2019, a renovation of the lighting equipment was carried out in conjunction with the reflooring work that took place inside the general gymnasium. For the high ceiling lighting hanging from the steel ceiling frames, the existing 35 units of 1kW twin-lamp mercury lamps and 14 units of 700W single-lamp mercury lamps were replaced with an installation of LEDioc HIGH-BAYΓ diffusion-type LED high ceiling lighting fixtures (35×420W, 8×280W). The number and arrangement of the lamps were reviewed with the aim of ensuring the Athletic Competition Level I Brightness Standard of 750ℓx, realizing a pleasant lighting environment compatible with a wide range of uses.

The general gymnasium has a high ceiling with a three-dimensional truss, so the arrangement for the lighting was based on its plans, with the positions where the lights were attached to the steel frames checked on-site and the fixtures installed using good balance for high uniformity.



    420W - 35

    280W - 8

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