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Sports Lighting Gymnasium

Nippon Sport Science University, Yokohama Kenshidai Campus Gymnastics CenterYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Integrated management of arena lighting through DALI control creates an advanced lighting environment

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  • LED
  • DALI-compatible 200W LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ lights safely and comfortably illuminate the arena at the Gymnastics Center, which is fully equipped at the university's highest level.


Installation date

March, 2019

Nippon Sport Science University is a private university headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. The Tokyo Setagaya Campus, which is located in a quiet residential area, has a sports building and an education and research building, and also features excellent facilities for not only sportspeople but also researchers. The Yokohama Kenshidai Campus is a school area surrounded by vast greenery of approximately 170000m², four times the size of the Setagaya Campus.

The Kenshidai Campus Gymnastics Center is a gymnasium specializing in gymnastics that includes the highest level of university equipment, and is the training base for the Nippon Sport Science University Gymnastics Club, a traditional club that boasts more than 120 years of history since the founding of the university and has also produced Olympic medalists. In March 2019, Nippon Sport Science University carried out work to renovate the lighting at the Gymnastics Center, replacing the existing 42 units of 1000W metal halide lamps with the same number of DALI-compatible 200W LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ LED high ceiling lighting fixtures to achieve significant power savings. For the selection of the LED lighting fixtures, the proposal was made (and accepted) for more highly sealed lighting fixtures so that there would be no effect on the operation of the lights even in the unique gymnastics-competition environment where magnesium carbonate (gymnastics chalk) is always hovering in the air. Full consideration was also given to the reduction of glare, ensuring the necessary brightness while using frosted glass specifications so as to avoid any negative impact on practice sessions from a feeling of glare during moves such as jumping and rotating. In addition, since the installation arrangement for the previous lighting fixtures was kept intact and simply upgraded to the LED lighting, it was possible to install the fixtures using custom-made mounting brackets.

The lighting renovation saw the introduction of the introduction of a DALI * control system in order to enable control of the brightness and lighting patterns in accordance with various training situations, such as gender-separate or different-event practice sessions, and this has in turn made control using a variety of lighting patterns possible, enabling the creation of a flexible and easy-to-use lighting environment while realizing even greater power savings.
* DALI is an acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", which is an international communications standard for specialized facility-lighting control.


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