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Akita Prefectural Stadium "Komachi Stadium"Akita City, Akita Prefecture

A change to LED for the lighting for a baseball stadium newly renovated to provide more comfort for players and spectators creates a pleasant lighting environment

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  • LED
  • A panoramic view of the stadium with all of the night-game lighting turned on. The stadium can also host official professional baseball matches.


Installation date

March, 2018

Akita Prefectural Stadium was completed in 2003 as a stadium with 100m wings, a centerfield length of 122m, and a capacity of 25000. Since its opening, the stadium known affectionately by its nickname "Komachi Stadium" has seen a wide variety of use ranging from the amateur to the professional, including adult, university, and high-school matches, as well as official professional baseball matches, making it the biggest baseball stadium in the prefecture both in name and in substance. The stadium features a white screen roof covering the main-stand area behind the nets that is modelled on a grain of the prefecture's famous rice, as well as 4 lighting towers made in the image of the Kanto lantern poles used in the Akita Kanto festival, and in 2017 underwent large-scale renovations before reopening again in June 2018.

The renovation work included renovations to the night-game lighting towers, where repairs were carried out on the stand sections alongside a change of the lighting to LED. The lighting fixtures attached to the stadium's signature white screen roof are attached at the standard-value limit for height in consideration of architectural design, so glare had been an issue with the previously installed floodlights, but by replacing those existing 1500W metal halide lamps with LEDioc FLOOD ZEST 800 Class LED floodlights with glare-controlled light distribution, large-scale suppression of glare has been made possible. Furthermore, the existing 1500W metal halide lamps on the 4 lighting towers were replaced with installations of 830W/560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-output LED floodlights. With the infield lit with LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights, and the outfield with LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights, large-scale power savings have been achieved, while a level of brightness has been ensured that is equal to or greater than the current one required for professional baseball.

The current lighting renovations saw formulation of a lighting plan based on repeated thorough investigation involving comparisons of the light environment measurements and lighting patterns for both the pre-renovation lighting (HID lighting) and post-renovation lighting (LED lighting), which enabled the creation of a bright, pleasant, and highly uniform night-game lighting environment.


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