Area Lighting Street Lighting

Tochi Prefectural Housing ComplexNankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Delivering a pleasant and energy saving lit environment with light that nestles alongside people and environment alike

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  • LED
  • Restricting upward illumination with consideration for the environment, the soft light provides an increased sense of security at night.

  • The streets of the Tochi Prefectural Housing Complex are illuminated by UNIS Flare LED pole lights, which combine an appealing aesthetic with an effective light output.

  • With a light emitting surface that restricts excessive brightness, UNIS Flare luminaires provide light with a softness of touch.

  • Efficiently illuminating spaces with glare limiting LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-D luminaires provides a lit surrounding close to its people and environment.

  • LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-D luminaires augment the brightness of spaces while suppressing glare.


Installation date

March, 2023

Situated in Nankoku City which lies adjacent to the East of Kochi City, the Kochi Prefectural Administration owned Tochi Prefectural Housing Complex is one of the largest such sites in the prefecture.

The Kochi Prefecture manages 62 housing complexes across the prefecture, and with over 30 years having elapsed since construction was completed at many of these sites, improvement works are gradually being carried out across the various facilities. As part of this program, works were carried out in March 2023 to update the street lighting at the Tochi Prefectural Housing Complex to LED, with UNIS Flare LED pole lights installed to replace the existing mercury vapor lamp street lights. Featuring the uniform light emitting surface and tasteful design, the luminaires limit the amount of light emitted upwards as they create a harmonious setting, and their installation has seen significant energy savings achieved whilst maintaining the existing illuminance levels.

With due consideration given to the installation site being within a residential area, it was important to control the glare in places surrounding the line of vision of residents. This subsequently led to the selection of LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-D LED pole lights with a structure that suppresses glare, which efficiently illuminate the street surfaces whilst also providing good overall visibility around the area.


  • UNIS Flare - 55

  • LEDioc AREA QUALLIS type-D - 5