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Lotte Arai Resort

Using neutral LED floodlights to light ski slopes boasting the finest quality powder snow, and incandescent LED lighting for exterior lighting at the hotel's periphery to create a relaxed atmosphere / Myoko City, Nigata Prefecture

Looking out from the plaza at the hotel and its relaxed and dignified appearance reminiscent of a high-class European resort. Many guests come from overseas locations like Australia and Southeast Asia, and the resort also offers long-term stays.

2 hours away from Tokyo Station on the Hokuriku Bullet Train, or 2 hours from Niigata Airport by car, lies Niigata Prefecture's Myoko City, where Lotte Arai Resort had its grand opening in December 2017. Lotte Arai Resort is a resort complex located at the foot of Mt. Ogenashi, which is a prominent area in Japan in terms of snowfall and boasts powder snow of the finest quality. Its premises include 14 courses and 10 areas of ski slopes of non-compacted snow covering one of the largest areas in the country. It features a long run spanning a distance of 5.2km, and guests can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on courses matching all levels, from beginner to advanced. Another of the resort's features is its facilities that allow for the enjoyment of a variety of activities throughout the year, including zipline tours, one of Japan's largest tree-top adventure courses, all-season tubing, and an indoor playground featuring bouldering, square trampolining, and a fun-wall in the same space. The hotel has a look reminiscent of a relaxing European mountain villa, is furnished with a total of 257 guest rooms, and has a full range of facilities including hot springs, a pool, restaurants, cafes, and a business center. It aims to operate as an "ultimate premium mountain resort" and for the satisfaction of families and guests of all ages and nationalities.

Nighttime Ski Lighting, Road Lighting, and Premises Lighting

Lotte Arai Resort has remodeled the ski areas that were once here and mesmerized skiers as the "holy ground of powder snow", and while keeping the size and facilities as they are, operates one gondola, two pair-lifts, and two quattro-lifts on the slopes of Mt. Ogenashi, which boasts overwhelming snowfalls, and offers a rich variety of ski slopes on 14 courses covering a ski area of 2,120,000m². For the lighting for skiing at night, a total of 78 units of 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL high-power LED floodlights have been installed. Taking into account the excellent directionality of LEDs, sufficient consideration was given to avoiding glare when looking down while skiing down the slopes, and a pleasant nighttime lighting environment was able to be created by careful adjustment of the angles for the lighting fittings. Nighttime skiing is an option until 8 PM, and the night-time lighting used to basically be on from 4:30 PM, but on days with blizzards or heavy fog the lights were on during the day and were helpful as light for ensuring safety. Meanwhile, for the lighting for the roads, paths and parking areas on the resort site, LED lighting fixtures including LEDioc ROAD, LEDioc AREA GENERO, and LEDioc FLOOD DUELL were selected according to location, and by basically using mainly an incandescent color for the hotel premises, a relaxing lighting environment befitting the refined space and also contributing to power savings was aimed for. With its abundant snowfall, skiing can be enjoyed for a long time at Lotte Arai Resort, from the high season until spring skiing in May, and there are various other seasonal activities that can be enjoyed even when it is not winter, making for year-round appeal that will hopefully attract more customers in the future.

Looking down from the No. 2 summit area ski slope on the hotel below and the townscape of Joetsu City unfolding in the far distance.

The No.1 slope is brightly and safely lit at night with light from LEDs with high visibility.

A tubing slope, which has a maximum length of 192m. In summer it can be slid down on tire tubes, and is popular for all-season tubing.

A daytime view of the ski slopes, where one of the attractions is the splendid location offering views of the Sea of Japan on clear days.

The 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights used for nighttime skiing have been installed with their angles carefully adjusted to more effectively aim light down the slopes.

Looking up at the ski slope lit with night-time lighting from the area near the boarding zone for the No. 1 lift at the mountain base.

The area around the drop-off zone for the No. 1 lift at the mountain base. 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights, which have a brightness equivalent to 1000W metal halide lamps, have been used to achieve power savings and create a pleasant and highly uniform nighttime lighting environment.

A daytime view of the area around the No. 2 lift at the mountain base.

The installed 560W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL lights used for nighttime skiing.

The classic pole lights lighting the road leading up to the hotel reception use LEDioc LED LIGHT-BULB lights as light sources.

The premises are gently illuminated with light from incandescent LEDs, creating an atmosphere of warmth.

The surrounding roads are lit using warm, incandescent LEDioc ROAD lights.

Looking in the direction of the hotel from the car park. The parking area is brightly lit with LEDioc AREA GENERO lights to ensure safety at night.

A nighttime view of the area around the entrance to Lotte Arai Resort.

A daytime view of the area around the hotel (Nest Building).

The pole lights have a classic design to match the atmosphere of a relaxing European building.


LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 830W Type - 12
LEDioc FLOOD DUELL 560W Type - 78
LEDioc ROAD - 28

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