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Hachinohe Nagane Indoor Skating Rink (YS Arena Hachinohe)Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture

Using optimal light to illuminate an indoor skating rink as a new base in Ice-Capital Hachinohe

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Installation date

June, 2019(Open:September 29)

Hachinohe Nagane Indoor Skating Rink (YS Arena Hachinohe) is an indoor skating rink established in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, as a new base for the "Ice Capital", where skating and ice hockey are popular. This facility is the third indoor skating rink in Japan able to host international competitions and is a "world-class indoor skating rink" that aims to provide the world's top competition environment while also being mindful of reducing running costs. As a large sports facility, it also fulfills the role of an "indoor skating rink for everyone" that can be used for various purposes in addition to skating, including various sports and events, and the role of an "indoor skating rink that doubles as a regional disaster prevention base" in the event of a natural disaster. The arena, which is approximately 14000m² in size, has an international-standard, 400m double track (16m-wide) skating rink, and on the inside of the rink: a 33m × 42m playing surface with artificial-turf for futsal use, an approximately 33m × 42m multipurpose court that can be used for basketball and volleyball, etc., and an approximately 16m × 16m sub-rink. In addition, there is a 1.55m-wide × 2-lane running track around the outside of the rink, as well as fixed seating for around 3000 spectators. However, when the ice thaws and the arena is used as a venue for events such as concerts or conventions, up to 9000 seats can be accommodated, meaning the facility can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the year.

The arena features horseshoe-shaped spectator seating, with its main stand on the home-straight side and corner seats on both sides, and based on an "athletes-first" philosophy, a total of 550 830W/1100W LEDioc FLOOD DUELL LED floodlights, which are compact yet sufficiently take into account uniformity and anti-glare measures, have been installed as the lighting equipment to illuminate the arena. The facility has its own design standards, including a maintained average horizontal illuminance of 1500ℓx or more (former JIS illuminance standard) set to be at the top global level, and a JIS sports lighting standard of 0.7 or more adopted with respect to uniformity in order to provide a favorable competition environment, and ensures a maintained average vertical illuminance of 1000ℓx or more and a uniformity of 0.5 or more (JIS sports lighting standard, TV compliant). In addition, shading louvers have been used depending on where the lighting has been installed, and in order to avoid light reflecting off the ice becoming a hinderance, the lights have been aimed pointing diagonally forward from the behind the competitors (in the skating direction) to take that issue into account, which has resulted in significant glare reduction. The lighting environment has been constructed to make the skating surface uniform at all brightness levels, so users can practice and compete in comfort.

All the fixtures used are dimmable, so the arena, which is used for various purposes including different sports competitions and events in addition to speed skating, is illuminated with the appropriate light. The ability to turn the lights on immediately and also adjust brightness enables a flexible response to user needs on any occasion. The lighting control can handle various lighting patterns has a remote-monitor function, while the fixtures and power supplies are mounted on the catwalks for easy maintenance. By starting with the selection of the lighting fixtures and following with a meticulous lighting design including measures against glare and appropriate brightness settings and lighting angles, the large space of the arena has been comfortably illuminated with highly uniform and high-color-rendering light, and we believe we were able to create a high-quality lighting environment befitting a world-class indoor skating rink.



    830W type - 516

    1100W type - 34

  • Lighting Control / Sub Control Panel - 1 each

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