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Fujikyu Highland Conifer ForestFujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights illuminate an outdoor skating rink, realizing a higher-level lighting environment that suppresses glare

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  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST lights feature light distribution performance with reduced glare, and they illuminate the skating rink to create a comfortable visual environment.


Installation date

June, 2019

Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest is a 400m skating rink with a clubhouse, built as a speed skating venue for the Kaiji National Sports Festival held in 1986. After the national sports festival finished, our skating club has used it for training, producing many Winter Olympic medalists. The facility is adjacent to the Fujikyu Highland amusement park, which has a wonderful location at the base of Mt. Fuji, boasts a lineup of many of the world's top attractions, and is extremely popular among people of all ages. It is currently used as a place for junior and senior high school students, university students and the general public to practice for skating competitions, as well as a venue for various official speed skating competitions, and in the summer it can be a venue for events including concerts where popular artists appear, which means the facility operates all year round.

A renovation of the rink's lighting equipment was carried out in June 2019, were a lighting plan was pursued that aimed to satisfy various conditions, including the promotion of power savings through the use of LED lighting and improved operability as an ice rink, as well as effective use of the site by seeking an increase in visitor capacity during use for summer events through a change in the locations of lighting fixtures, and a reduction of light-bleed into the surrounding areas. Instead of the past method of floodlighting from lighting towers installed in the center of the rink, floodlighting using a total of 83 units of LEDioc FLOOD ZEST Simple Model 500 Class LED floodlights on lighting poles installed on the outer periphery of the rink was used. Since the rink is used for a long time in winter for speed skating competitions, etc., special attention was paid to anti-glare measures. The lights feature "fewer angles prone to glare" ,and by installing them to have the lighting follow the skaters from behind, we were able to create a higher-level lighting environment that reduces glare while improving brightness. In addition, the removal of the lighting towers from the center of the rink has increased the maximum capacity for guests at events, allowing for more effective use of the site, and by illuminating the rink from 12m lighting poles on the outer periphery instead of the previous 25m lighting towers, light-bleed into the surrounding area has is also been suppressed.

We believe that the lighting renovations have satisfied the aforementioned conditions and created a safe and comfortable visual environment.


  • LEDioc FLOOD ZEST Simple Model 500 Class - 83

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 90 Class - 4

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