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Sayama Ski GroundTokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture

Safely lighting an indoor ski ground with LED light and effectively creating a sense of excitement with various colors

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  • LED
  • With a total length of 300m and a width of 30m, the course at the facility can be enjoyed in a carefree manner by skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from beginners to advanced.


Installation date

October, 2017

Sayama Ski Ground is an indoor ski ground favorably located a three-minute walk away from Seibu Kyujomae Station, which is about 40 minutes by train from Ikebukuro Station. With a total length of 300m and a width of 30m, the course has an average incline of 7° and a maximum incline of 15°, is equipped with 2 single-lifts, and is a ski slope for combined skiing and snowboarding use. Sayama Ski Ground carried out a total overhaul of the lighting equipment for its ski slope, lift area, and signs, upgrading the existing HID lighting to LED lighting. For the main lighting illuminating the ski slope, LEDioc CEILING HB (type-F) LED floodlights were chosen, ensuring a brightness greater than or equivalent to the previous lighting while also aiming at large-scale reductions in power costs. In installing the LED floodlights, the lighting was provided with angles to create a lighting design in which it would be easy for even beginners to see bumps in the snow, and by installing the fittings above the beams instead of below them, consideration was given to the lighting fittings not being visible to guests descending the slope, and at the same time the ceiling surfaces were made to be cleanly defined. Brightness has increased greatly since the upgrade to LED lighting, and this has also led to improved safety. The long-life LED modules contribute to maintenance savings and reductions in running costs with a lifespan of 60000 hours, and as LEDs are not attractive to insects, there are hardly any insects drawn to the lights, which was an unanticipated benefit. Furthermore, 4 units of LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR lights have been newly installed as effect lighting for the ski slope, and have been set to display 5 lighting effect patterns. The full color LED floodlights can freely display a variety of light colors and are being more effectively used in conjunction with various events such as those for Christmas and Valentine's Day, and in doing so are considered to be playing a role in creating an attractive and inviting sports facility that can be enjoyed by many customers.


  • LEDioc CEILING HB (type-F) - 115

  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR 120W type - 4

  • DMX Controller - 1

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 60W - 43

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