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Shinyokohama Skate CenterYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Brightly lighting an international-standard rink where you can enjoy skating all year round in safety and comfort with LED lighting, realizing large-scale power savings

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  • LED
  • A full view of the skating rink from the southern side.


Installation date

August, 2016

Shinyokohama Skate Center has a 30m×60m international standard rink with a surface area of 1800m², and is a fully fledged skating rink used for a variety of activities, including figure skating, ice-hockey championship matches, and iceskating shows. It features great access, being only a five minute walk from Shinyokohama station, and is popular with the public as a place where skating can be enjoyed in any season. Shinyokohama Skate Center carried out renovations on its facilities in August of 2016, including upgrades to the fence, second-floor spectator seating, and refrigeration equipment, a new interior paint job, and the installation of ceiling nets. Renovation work was also carried out on the lighting equipment, and an upgrade to LED lighting was made. The previous lighting was suspended lighting that used mercury and halogen lamps as light sources, but a new combination of ceiling-embedded LED lighting and side LED lighting has enabled the creation of a lighting environment that effectively makes the most of the facility's large space. Being flush with the ceiling surface means the new lighting has improved safety while also meeting with a positive response for the increased sense of space. In addition to the lighting from the ceiling surface, LED lighting has been installed along the sides to ensure sufficient vertical-plane brightness, employed in a lighting design that both brightly lights the entire area in light with superior uniformity and sufficiently takes into account visibility for both competitors and spectators. The high-output LEDioc FLOOD DUELL LED floodlights used for the high ceiling lighting and side lighting are both dimmable, with a lighting control system that allows for the control of lighting patterns depending on use, including for ice-hockey, figure-skating competitions, or just figure skating in general. The sense of overall brightness has improved and power savings have been promoted since the upgrade to LED lighting, and with sufficient brightness achieved normally with only 30% of the lights turned on, it is expected that this upgrade will contribute to even larger reductions in power consumption.



    650W type (2Lamps) - 16

    830W type - 30

  • Lighting Control System I-TACS - 1

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