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Motoyama TunnelHitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Creating a bright, pleasant and safe in-tunnel visual environment with the LEDioc TUNNEL KWE Series

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  • The LED streetlight LEDioc ROAD provides auxiliary lighting in the vicinity of the entry and exit points of the tunnel.


Installation date

Augst, 2020

Located in Ibaraki Prefecture, the 942 meter long Motoyama Tunnel connecting Miyata Town, Hitachi City to Irishiken Town, can be found on the Tachiyama direction side of Prefectural Route 36, which runs from Hitachi City to Yamagata in Hitachiomiya City. The Motoyama Tunnel actually lies directly beneath its former iteration, which was completely filled and sealed off with concrete when the new tunnel was opened in December 1989.

Resulting from the discontinuation of production in Low-Pressure Sodium Lamps which had been used for the tunnel lighting to date, construction works on the lighting equipment were enacted in order to shift to LED lighting. Lighting at the mouth of the tunnel, and also within the main tunnel area, are both realized using aluminum-framed LED luminaires from the LEDioc TUNNEL KWE Series, leading to energy savings and a reduced environmental impact being achieved - in addition to the designed increase in light levels.

Furthermore, an automatic dimming mechanism has also been incorporated into the scheme to ensure the light levels in the main tunnel area are controlled and set to optimal levels. Responding to the outside conditions through the use of photocell sensors, three different illumination settings are provided - for clear or overcast daytime conditions, and then for nighttime conditions. The result is a pleasant lighting environment for drivers to pass through safely at any time.


  • LEDioc TUNNEL KWE Series

    Base Lighting - 43

    Entrance Lighting - 37

  • Control section EYE TUNNEL Automatic Dimming Device - 1

  • LEDioc ROAD - 2

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