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National Route 457 Kunomori TunnelSendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Using power-saving LED light to safely and brightly light a tunnel covered in trees

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  • A night-time view of the tunnel from the Yamatomachi side.


Installation date

July, 2017

Kunomori Tunnel is a tunnel along National Route 457 with a total length of 291m located to the north of Sendai City. It was completed in September 1990, and in recent years has been slated for an upgrade to LED lighting in order to ensure more smooth and safer traffic. Then, in July 2017, work for the changeover to LED lighting took place, achieving large-scale power and maintenance savings. The densely green tunnel is covered in trees, which gives a magical sense of driving through the forest, and the LEDioc ROAD LED roadlights installed for the tunnel mouth and LEDioc TUNNEL LED tunnel lighting fixtures installed at a height of 5m inside the tunnel brightly light the entrance and tunnel interior to provide a safe and comfortable lighting environment for drivers. The tunnel is so straight that the exit can be seen from the entrance, so the lighting arrangement plan takes this into account to provide uniform light with no unevenness.


  • LEDioc TUNNEL - 13

  • LEDioc ROAD - 4

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