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National Route 357 Tokyo Harbor Tunnel (Mountain-Side)Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo

LEDioc TUNNEL LED tunnel lighting brightly and safely illuminates a tunnel that has been successfully completed for both directions and greatly contributes to improving access to Tokyo's waterfront area

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  • The LEDioc TUNNEL (base lighting) lights are lightweight and compact, and achieve high efficiency and low power consumption. They illuminate the interior of the tunnel to create a lighting environment that ensures brightness for the surface of the road while also emphasizing that for vertical surfaces.


Installation date

June, 2019

National Route 357's Tokyo Harbor Tunnel is a free general tunnel section approximately 1.9km long that runs parallel to the Tokyo Harbor Tunnel on the Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route connecting Tokyo's Daiba in Minato Ward and Oi in Shinagawa Ward.

The west-bound tunnel on the ocean-side was opened in March 2016, and the mountain-side (east-bound) tunnel on the inland side was opened in June 2019. With the recent opening, National Route 375 between Haneda Airport and Chiba City will be connected heading in both the west and east directions, completing a new network in the bay area, and along with alleviating traffic congestion in the city center and improving mobility in Tokyo's waterfront areas, it is expected to strengthen and improve access between Tokyo's waterfront areas and the airport and harbor locations.

For the lighting equipment illuminating the two-lane tunnel, LED lighting was selected for all of the entrance lighting, base lighting, emergency parking zone lighting, and evacuation tunnel lighting, etc., with attention paid to creating a lighting environment of safety and comfort while achieving power savings and a reduced environmental impact. The specifications for the tunnel lighting allow for graduated dimming, which enables the lighting to be dimmed to the appropriate brightness depending on the time of day, providing a safe and comfortable visual environment for drivers traveling inside.


  • LEDioc TUNNEL KWE Series

    Base Lighting - 169

    Emergency Parking Zone - 12

    Entrance Lighting - 154

    Outside-pit Lighting - 2

  • LEDioc LED Waterproof Lighting fixtures(Evacuation Tunnel etc.) - 147

  • LEDioc ROAD - 10

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