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National Route 357 Tokyo Harbor Tunnel (Seaward Side)Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo

Lighting all of a new tunnel contributing to the mitigation of traffic congestion in the Tokyo bayside area with LED lights, achieving power savings and a pleasant lighting environment

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  • A view of the tunnel entrance from the coastal subcenter-side. LEDioc TUNNEL lights with dimmer control brightly and safety light the tunnel entrance area.


Installation date

March, 2016

Tokyo Harbor Tunnel (general section National Route 357) is a project aiming to relieve traffic congestion by establishing the general section of National Route 357 in parallel with the Tokyo Harbor Tunnel on the Expressway Bayshore Route, where chronic congestion occurs. The section for the project is an extension of roughly 1.9km (tunnel section 1.5 km) from Aomi 1 Chome in Koto Ward to Yashio 2 Chome in Shinagawa Ward, and the seaward side (heading west) was opened in March of this year. LED lighting was used for all of the lighting equipment safely lighting the tunnel interior, including for tunnel lighting and evacuation pathways, resulting in a reduced environmental burden and power savings. The tunnel entrance lighting features four-level dimmer control, and by avoiding irregularities while maintaining brightness and uniformity, a lighting environment has been created that pays sufficient attention to safety by reducing the sense of driver fatigue.


  • LEDioc ROAD - 3

  • LEDioc TUNNEL - 161

  • LEDioc TUNNEL for Entrance - 137

  • LEDioc LED Waterproof Lighting fixtures - 194

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